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Guest status


Since upgrading to VIX API 1.10 the guest status doesn't appear to update correctly for powered on guests.
Closed Jul 30, 2010 at 9:08 AM by sw3103
This issue only affects Guests that were added with a previous version of the VIX API. Curiously it does not affect the manageability of the Guests.vmrunGUI uses the "list" command to query which Guests are running on a Host. The new version of vmrun.exe released with the VIX API 1.10 may return a list of running Guests that does not match what was previously added, therefore it is unable to determine if a Guest is running.Before VIX API 1.10 installation:[standard] VMNTWKS001/VMNTWKS001.vmxAfter VIX API 1.10 installation:[ha-datacenter/standard] VMNTWKS001/VMNTWKS001.vmxFIX: Remove and re-add the affected Guests in vmrunGUI.