User Guides: Managing Guests

Once you have created some Guest objects, you can now use vmrunGUI to manage them.

Simply place a tick next to each Guest that you want to manage, and select the relevant command from the options below. The list of available commands have been categorised according to VMware's official guide to using vmrun


Click the "Execute" button when you you have selected a command. Some commands require additional options, which you will be presented with upon execution of the command.


You will then see the "Console" tab which will show you the progress and results of all vmrun.exe commands that are being executed (any password will be omitted).

NOTE: Not all vmrun.exe commands are supported across all VMware platforms. vmrunGUI will automatically filter the list of commands based on a common list that will be supported across the different Hosts that have been selected. If you do not see a command (for example, the "pause" command on VMware Workstation and Player), try selecting Guests on a single Host to see if the command becomes available.

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