User Guides: Adding Hosts and Guests

The first step you will have to complete is adding your Host(s). There is no limit to the number of Hosts and Guests that can be added to vmrunGUI.


1. Launch vmrunGUI. You should receive a message asking you if you would like to add a Host. Click "Yes".
2. You will be presented with an empty "Add VMware Host" dialogue. Add a name for the VMware Host in the "Name" field.
3. Select which type of Host you are adding from the "Host Type" list.

If you have just added a VMware Workstation of Player host, please skip to Step 10. There are no credentials or connection options required for these VMware platforms.

4. Click on the "New" button next to the "Credentials" list. You will be presented with an empty " Credentials" dialogue.
5. Specify a name for the Credentials in the "Name" field.
6. Enter the username and password for the Credentials, and click "Save". These Credentials will now be selected in the "Add VMware Host" dialogue, and can be used for other Hosts or Guests within vmrunGUI.


7. Enter an IP address (recommended) or hostname for the Host in the "Host" field. If this is the local host, simply tick the "localhost" check box.
8. The port number will automatically be guessed for the type of Host you are adding, although this can be changed if required.
9. The "Arguments" field is the vmrun.exe connection string used for this Host, and is automatically generated based on the values you have supplied. This can be overridden if required by ticking the "Override" check box.

Your "Add VMware Host" dialogue should look something similar to this:


10. It is recommended that you test the connection to the Host by pressing the "Test" button, and work through any connection issues. You are still able to add a new Host that has failed the connection test.
11. Click the "Save" button.

Guests - Automatic Import

When you click the "Save" button on the "Add VMware Host" dialogue, you will be asked if you would like to query the Guests on the Host for automatic import. This is a convenient feature that allows you to automatically add all Guests on a Host to vmrunGUI, and may save you time if have a large number of Guests to add.

1. Answer "Yes" to the message asking you if you would like to query the Guests on the Host for automatic import (Guests must be running on VMware Workstation and Player for this feature to work).
2. You should see a dialogue listing the Guests available for import. Tick which Guests you would like to import (if the Guest already exists in vmrunGUI, it will automatically be ignored).
3. Select which Credentials should be used to manage the Guests (these are not necessarily the same as the Credentials used for the Host). These Credentials should have administrative rights on the Guest operating system for certain management features to work correctly.
4. Enter a value in the "Description" field.
5. Click the "Import" button to add these Guests to vmrunGUI.


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