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vmrunGUI is a graphical interface that has been designed around VMware's vmrun.exe command line utility.

This application will allow you to simultaneously control Guests across any of VMware's products, including vSphere, ESX/ESXi, Server and Workstation.

It works by using stored Host and Guest information to construct vmrun.exe command line strings. These command lines can either be executed directly within vmrunGUI, or used to create automated batch scripts.

NEW! - Updated to Support VMware VIX API 1.10

Version 0.2.0 BETA has been released to support the new VMware VIX API 1.10 (released 15th July 2010).

Guest Management Features

VMware's vmrun.exe utility offers a comprehensive list of features, all of which are included in vmrunGUI.
  • Power operations (start, stop, suspend, etc).
  • Snapshot management.
  • Guest operating system management (file system, processes, environment variables, etc).
  • Maintenance tasks (clone, install VMware Tools, etc).



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